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We have a lot of menu items that are cooked in a tandoor oven, but unfortunately, very few Australians
actually know about tandoori cooking. We’d like to pull back the veil on your favourite Indian restaurant food,
—If you know you love the distinctive taste of tandoori meats, but you don’t know why, read on! Tandoori is
the adjectival form of the word tandoor, which is what we call the vertical clay ovens we used to cook
everything from meat to bread. Tandoors aren’t just found in India—many cultures across the Middle East,
Asia, Pakistan, and Eastern Europe use tandoors for cooking, though the most common style is usually
associate with the Punjabi region in the northern area of India and Pakistan. 

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To offer the very best in quality cuisine and create an un-matched experience in family dining
maintaining the highest standard of quality, hygiene, service and customer satisfaction.


Tandoori lamb chops

 $ 25.09

Marinated lamb chops served with mint sauce cooked in

Lamb Rogan josh

 $ 19.00

Traditional lamb curry cooked in Kashmiri style with yoghurt spices and herbs

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$ 15.00 

Plain fried salmon served with vegetables and rice